Franchise / Licensed Operator Opportunities

The LubeKing concept started from humble beginnings ten years ago as an add-on business to an existing battery retail store.

It was glaringly apparent that in order to just survive in the battery retailing game, we needed to "clip on" a profitable, easy to run business model which would complement our current operation.

LubeKing was born. Vehicle servicing "While U Wait" & "at your convenience" was our slogan. Not a new concept globally but still unique to New Zealand.

Over time we have added a wider range of servicing options and now we are a broader based operation recognized as a specialist in our field.

The key to our continued success is that we have maintained a philosophy to do the simple things well. Specialised... Yes! Difficult to operate... No!

Like most things, it's easy when you know how. This is not a complex business model and we can show almost anyone how to operate a successful LubeKing business. Furthermore it has been set up as a "Plug & Play" operation.

There are now five LubeKing outlets across Auckland. North Shore, West, Central, East and Maukau in the South. All these outlets are an excellent example of how our "Plug & Play" concept can work effectively to stimulate new, profitable growth for existing, single channel to market operations. We are now looking to grow our network of LubeKing operatives through a variety of automotive based businesses looking for profitable growth.

If you are looking for something that can add a new, profitable dimension to your existing operation then perhaps a LubeKing business is for you.

Do you own a complimentary business that could easily and cost effectively "clip" a Lubeking operation to it?

For more information and a no obligation brief on how LubeKing may work for you please contact the System Owner:

Dean Jackson
Office DDI (09) 838 7980
Office Fax (09) 838 7981
Toll free 0800LUBEME (0800 5823 63) then press 1